December 18, 2020

What Are Your Note Taking Techniques?

What Are Your Note Taking Techniques?

Hi everyone!

I wanted to write a very quick post on note taking because its something I have been researching recently. I wanted to see what techniques are out there and hopefully help some people improve their own habits.

Now I will start this off by saying I may have taken the note taking research too far and it definitely doesn't have to be as complicated as I make it but I am a big advocate for separating my work life and my personal life. With that in mind I will go over my work life note system.

I used to take notes by hand for all work related things. It allowed me to not spend all of my time typing on my computer and I found myself retaining more of the information. The problems came up when I realized I cannot write as fast as I can type so I ended up having to prioritize what I wrote as the meeting was happening. There is also the issue that we live in a connected world and I would have to take the time to transcribe my notes into a digital medium so I could access them on the fly. Again this is time consuming and even if I didn't want to do it; when my journal filled up I would lose access to those notes. Obviously a digital solution was the best option from the start but what do you use and how do you chose an application. Personally I want something that is going to be stable (not going to go End of Life anytime soon), device compatible (across OSX,  Android and Windows), and doesn't break the bank.

Now for my current solution. As I previously mentioned I moved away from the handwritten notes, I decided to go with Evernote for a few different reasons. It takes handwritten notes which I can use from my surface (they are also searchable which is great). Its cross device compatible, relatively cheap, and has a large consistent user base. This is not to say that it doesn't have its drawbacks however, the Evernote team is very active and provides updates to all of their applications quickly. So far I am very happy with my choice.

My personal note taking set up is much more extravagant with bullet journaling and habit trackers. While I would highly recommend bullet journaling to any one looking to become more productive, my personal issue with bullet journaling is the set up required. The fact that it is so custom means that you can't buy a set up bullet journal. I also like to keep track of certain habits. Such as how much water I drink and what I do for exercise. This information is important to me during the time I am recording it but if I don't have access to it later it will not cause an issue. Thats why Evernote is not a must for my personal note taking. I also like fountain pens and having a little personal notebook allows me to indulge in that odd hobby.

Like I mentioned this is just going to be a short blog post on note taking. What do you all do for your note taking methods?