December 13, 2021

Two Hats Are Redder Than One: Wrap Up (Week 10)

Two Hats Are Redder Than One: Wrap Up (Week 10)

Hi everyone!

I can’t believe we are already in the home stretch of 2021. As the holidays rapidly approach Cameron and I are very excited to bring you some bittersweet news with an interesting twist at the end so stay tuned on that. This blog post will be shorter than our others so you won’t have to hang on for too long. I will let Cameron tell everyone the good news which means I unfortunately have to break the sad news. This is our last blog post in the Two Hats Are Redder Than One series. We really loved all of the work we were able to put into the blog post and while it is over for this chapter it doesn’t mean it's the end of our blog posts or of the Two Hats Series. I will pass it off to Cameron here to discuss the transformation our blog series has gone through. Thanks!


Hi everyone!  Thanks for sticking with Cody and me through this journey.  We loved diving into the Red Hat Product Portfolio with all of you, it’s been a great ride.  So let's dial it up some more!  Starting in 2022 we will be beginning the next stage of the Two Hats series and moving to live streaming.  Cody and I will be sitting down with different folks in the Red Hat partner ecosystem and interviewing them about how their own company’s technologies tie in to the Hybrid Cloud architecture we’ve created at Red Hat.  It promises to be super exciting with live demos, interesting technology, and grounding conversations about why this technology is important to the future of our IT world.  We will be starting things with a Red Hat partnership that’s been making the news lately, Nutanix!

Check back here for links to the new show on once we go live. Thanks again everyone for making this blog series great