November 16, 2020

Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform Webinar Series

Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform Webinar Series

Hi everyone!

I am going to be running a webinar series that showcases the Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform. Within the series will be videos showcasing how-tos, demos, and really anything RHOCP related that I find relevant. I will be sharing the accompanying links to everything I am able to find.

Week 1

This blog post will be updated each week with the newest videos I post. Week 1 has just been posted, it is an overview of the RHOCP Web UI. You can find it here:

Week 2

This week I am going over how to set up a security authenticator utilizing htpasswd. I also go over how to delegate administrator rights to the new accounts and how to disable the kubeadmin account.

Hope you all enjoy!

Week 3

This week I demonstrate how to spin up a JBoss EAP application using the OpenShift web console. All of this can also be done using the CLI but the web console provides a more interactive user interface.

Please note this is my experience when running any of these demos or using RHOCP. Any opinions in this post are expressly my own and do not reflect Red Hat's opinions. Always use these videos in tandem with the official documentation!