1. There are no real prerequisites for this method however you must have access to an IBM account that you can use for the provisioning procedure.
  2. While this is not required it is very helpful to have the IBMCloud and OC CLI tools installed on your local machine. To do this follow the instructions here:

Installation Procedure:

  1. Navigate to the menu on the left side of the console. Once you have expanded the menu select OpenShift and Overview from the submenu.
  2. Select the blue “Create an OpenShift Cluster” button.
  3. Select the version of OpenShift that you want to have provisioned.
  4. Enter a cluster name and select a resource group for your cluster
  5. Select the type of cluster you would like (multizone or singlezone) as well as the geography and worker zone for your cluster.
  6. Select the type of workers you would like and the number of workers for your cluster.
  7. Once you are satisfied with the selections you have made then click the “Create Cluster” button.
  8. The cluster will take some time to provision. You will receive email updates once your cluster is available.
  9. Optional: If you would like to run this install from the CLI then run the command:
  10. ibmcloud oc cluster create --name my_openshift --location wdc04 --version 3.11_openshift --flavor b3c.4x16.encrypted --workers 3 --public-vlan <public_VLAN_ID> --private-vlan <private_VLAN_ID>
  11. This command requires that you installed the IBMCloud CLI and the OC CLI which can be found in the prerequisites section.

Accessing Cluster:

  1. To access your cluster from the console select the OpenShift Console button once your cluster has been fully provisioned.
  2. To access your console from the CLI select the OpenShift Console button and use the menu at the top right hand corner to copy the login token and api information to use on the CLI. Again this requires you to have the IBMCloud and OC CLI tools installed on your machine.


This are the issues that I have encountered when running OCP on IBM Cloud

It is important to note that once created, the cluster should not be shut down for at least 24 hours. This post explains the reasoning:

Please note this is my experience when installing OpenShift on IBM Cloud. Any opinions in this post are expressly my own and do not reflect Red Hat's opinions on this installation process.